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Martin’s Restaurant and Chef’s Secrets Revealed

Welcome to Martin’s Restaurant located at Long Bay Resort in Myrtle Beach.

We invite you to enjoy the secrets from the chef at Martin’s Restaurant.  The Chef is the nephew of Martin the owner.  He made 2 table side dishes for all to enjoy.  This is something that the entire restaurant enjoys.

The first dish is a Caesar Salad made from scratch.  The chef starts with a large bowl and begins preparing the dressing.  First, he uses fresh anchovies; he mixes them well and makes them into a creamy mixture.  Next he adds in olive oil, fresh garlic, red wine vinegar, Egg yolk and cracked pepper. Did you know the egg yolk will help the flavor and retain the oil to help with consistency.  After the dressing is mixed together and has a thick creamy texture, it is time to toss in the Romaine lettuce. 

The chef gently mixes the dressing with the lettuce to keep the mixture consistent.  The Romano cheese freshly made croutons.  They are gently tossed and then ready to serve.  The presentation is beautiful and the salad is very tasty and fresh.

The Chef said, “ready for the best dessert? I have just the selection for you to try.”  He said this is one of the favorites of their guests and every time they order it more tables want to know how they can get their hands on it, Banana’s Foster made tableside.

First, you start with a hot skillet and melt the butter, add the brown suger, banana liquor, squeeze fresh orange juice and then add sliced bananas.  Toss around in the mixture and now for the fun part.  Add the Grand Mariner and the flame is created by a little chef magic.  Add some cinnamon and see sparks.  Toss around for a few minutes and serve over the French vanilla ice cream.  He was right, this is delightful and makes you wanting more.

This was a segment of Chef’s Secrets Revealed where the chef actually shared 2 secrets with us.  Stay tuned for more, or better yet, stop by Long Bay Resort and make sure to dine with us at Martin’s Restaurant.

Posted 2/4/13

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