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Five Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach in Fall

Myrtle Beach is known to most as a summertime destination, and we can’t say we blame folks for thinking this. After all, this is a beach town with great hot weather attractions. But the fact is, plenty of people prefer to visit in the fall. They think of Myrtle Beach in the fall as their little secret! But we want to let you in on the secret. Here are five reasons why so many people love visiting Myrtle Beach in the fall:

1. The weather is terrific. 
In early fall, you’ll still find warm, summer-like temperatures. In fact, September temps are generally in the high 80s, sometimes even up to the 90s. The water is deliciously warm, and the sun still shines. Admittedly, once you get into late fall, it will start to cool down, but one little known fact about Myrtle Beach weather: September is drier than August, October is drier than September, and November is drier than October. So if rain puts a damper on your fun, you’re better off visiting in the fall!

2. Your favorite attractions are open for business.
A few decades ago, when Myrtle Beach was a quaint little beach village, many places would shut down as soon as Labor Day passed. But those days are long gone. Broadway at the Beach is open every day of the year (except for Christmas), and Ripley’s Aquarium is open year-round. All of your favorite live theaters entertain crowds well past the height of summer, and some put on special shows you can only see in the off-season.

3. You don’t have to battle crowds.
If you come in the fall, you can forget about lines, crowds, and mobs, because the bulk of Myrtle Beach’s visitors come in the summer! Imagine your own stretch of beach. Or walking down the boardwalk without having to navigate throngs of visitors. No wait at your favorite restaurant. All this can be yours!

4. Better rates on your Myrtle Beach hotel.
Whether you stay at Atlantica Resort or another property in the family, you’ll definitely get a better rate on your stay in Myrtle Beach if you visit in the fall.

5. No more traffic jams.
We know traffic can be tough in the peak of summer in Myrtle Beach. And it can be frustrating after you’ve spent so much time just trying to get here! But when you visit in the fall, you’ll be amazed at how much more room there is on the road. Your travel times will be cut way down, and finding parking will be much easier.

These reasons and more are why so many visitors prefer to come to Myrtle Beach in the fall! Join us this fall and discover what you’ve been missing!

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