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Broadway at the Beach – Family Fun for Atlantica Guests

Broadway at the Beach“Broadway at the Beach is extremely entertaining and fun,” said Cassie Nordman, a shift leader at Froyoz, a frozen yogurt shop at Broadway at the Beach.

Frankly, Broadway at the Beach, from a shopper’s perspective, can be whatever you want it to be. Your budget and tenacity will make the determination.

What you don’t have to decide is this: Broadway at the Beach was conceptualized and created to entertain you in every way imaginable – you can hear, touch, taste, smell and see the experience.

In the warmer months, Broadway at the Beach is a magnet attracting a flow of tourist traffic from across the country and around the world.

Atlantica Resort, which is located on more than 200 feet of beach, is less than two miles away from one the South Carolina’s most popular attractions. During the summer, guests of Atlantica Resort enjoy the oceanfront pool and the outdoor spa before heading to Broadway at Beach as a perfect ending to a great day.

In the colder months, the activity lulls and what was a constant proliferation of sound and movement converts partially to pockets of silence because fewer people bustle about here when the weather is its nippiest.

Yet, the climate, be it good or bad, does not damper the resolve of all those entering here: They come shop, eat, dance and find fun wherever they can. And what the meteorologist predicts doesn’t stop them.

On a chilly night, not too long ago, Shannon Bone and Larry Hannah, both residents of Conway, visited Broadway at the Beach. Bone’s fraternal twins, 3 –year-old Logan and Scottie, came along for the trip.

They had a bag of goodies from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

“There’s a lot of shopping here, but I don’t do a lot of shopping,” Bone said. “There are stores for women. There are stores for men. There are store for kids, and I like the fact that there is a lot more here for kids.”

Bone was particularly pleased with the children’s park, where her sons enjoyed the slides and other forms of amusement.

While she talked about their day at Broadway at the Beach, her boys took advantage of a swath of grass, designated for small trees, at Broadway at the Beach that they quickly turned into a makeshift playground.

They played tag and ran around in circles until Scottie decided to shake a young tree with leaves the color of persimmon.

“Stop shaking that tree,” Bone called out to him. He quit immediately and returned to playing tag with Logan.

However, Scottie wasn’t the only one making something shake.

Around the corner from where Hannah, Bone and her boys stood, Christa Dickerson shook her hips at Sparkles.

Dickerson, who donned a purple sequined Russian hat, was dancing to music pouring through the speakers at the children’s clothing store and party center at Broadway at the Beach. It is the “it” spot for girls that enjoy pretending they are glam girls, princesses, pop stars and other would-be divas.

Dickerson’s personality encompasses much of that which defines Broadway at the Beach. She is entertaining, upbeat, fun and familiar like an old friend even if you have just met her for the first time.

“This is the place to be,” Dickerson said of Sparkles, where she is assistant manager. “When a girl walks in here, it is her day. It’s all about her. We do whatever we have to do to make her feel like she is the most wonderful girl in the world.”

Girls get their hair done, nails polished, play dress up and choose glittery jewelry, clothing and accessories to wear, like feather boas, that they showcase on a stage that glitters in purple and pink.

As a woman followed by her husband pushing their baby in a stroller entered Sparkles, Cassie Nordman began cleaning up after what had been a relatively slow night next door at Froyoz.

The absence of traffic, though, didn’t damper her mood. Broadway at the Beach has sparkle to spare, even when lights dim and crowds grow thin.

“I work in a very happy and colorful environment,” Nordman said.

If you go:
What: Broadway at the Beach
Where: 1325 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577
When: Times vary year-around.
Information: Call (843) 444-3200. You can also visit
Directions from Atlantica Resort: Start going northeast on North Ocean Boulevard/S.C. 73 toward 21st Ave. N. Take the first left onto 21st Ave. N. Turn right onto John Q. Hammons Street. Turn left onto Loop Road.The festival entertainment center is on 350 acres and has more than 23 restaurants (including Joe’s Crab Shack, JohnnyRockets, King Kong Sushi and Key West Grill), more than 100 specialty shops (including Tango Bay Clothing Co., Victoria’s Secret, Claire’s and Bijuju) and various attractions and theaters (including WonderWorks, Ripley’s Aquarium, the Pavilion Nostalgia Park and Legends in Concert).

Posted 12/12/12

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