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6 Perks of an Off-Season Beach Vacation

Myrtle Beach is a pretty terrific vacation destination any time of year, but there are a few key benefits to coming in the off-season. Here’s a quick list:

1. You don’t have to be in bathing suit shape

Well, not if you don’t want to! A trip to Myrtle Beach in the fall doesn’t have to be all about laying out on the beach working on your tan. That said, if you want to bring your suit, you are absolutely welcome to—our indoor water features will still be open for you to enjoy.

2. Forget about traffic

Summer traffic, both in and getting to Myrtle Beach, can be a pain. No doubt about it. But if you visit in the off-season, you won’t have to battle traffic. In fact, if you’ve only been to Myrtle Beach in the peak of summer, you won’t believe how different Ocean Boulevard looks without all those cars.

3. You’ll save big on your accommodations

Book a trip in the off season and you can save some serious cash. Use the leftover funds to go out to a special dinner or just save it for your next trip to the beach! Check out our current specials here.

4. You can soak up your favorite attractions without being crowded

We love the hustle and bustle of the Oceanfront Boardwalk in the summertime, but there is something utterly charming about the calm of the boardwalk in the offseason. The lines at the SkyWheel are shorter, and there aren’t as many people jostling for position at Ripley’s Aquarium. Many of your favorite attractions will be more fun without the waits and lines!

5. Your vacation truly becomes a time to recharge

An action-packed vacation in the peak of summer, while fun, can be somewhat stressful. Maybe it’s the energy of all the kids on summer vacation, maybe it’s the extra heat and humidity, but sometimes it seems as though we return from those summer trips more worn out than when we left. Not so with an off-season beach trip. You can spend lingering mornings on the beach meditating while the sun rises—and there are few things as good for your blood pressure as that.

6. No sunburns!

It seems like no matter how many times we reapply sunscreen, there’s always a patch we miss or sweat off and the subsequent sunburn is painful. Wintertime means layers, some more time indoors, and less of that ultra-intense summertime sunshine.


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